Jeffrey Epstein

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Arbetade för bland annat Adnan Khashoggi i vapenhandelaffärer (Iran-Contras-affären). Se nedan Teorier
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Jeffrey Epstein var en amerikansk finansman och dömd sexförbrytare.

Biografi & Karriär

1953-01-20 Jeffrey Epstein föds i Brooklyn, New York City, USA

196? Public School 188, och Mark Twain Junior High School

1967 the National Music Camp at the Interlochen Center for the Arts

1969 Examen från Lafayette High School (motsvarar svensk gymnasieexamen)

1969 Cooper Union College (eftergymnasial utbildning)

1971-1974 Studier vid Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

1974-1976 Fysik och matematiklärare vid Dalton School, Upper East Side of Manhattanbr>

1976 Anställning vid Bear Sterns

  • ”low-level junior assistant to a floor trader”
  • Options trader, the special products division
  • Skatterådgivning för bankens klienter.

1980 Jeffrey Epstein blir delägare ”limted partner” i Bears Sterns

1981 Jeffrey Epstein bryter mot finansregler ”Reg D violation” och blir ombedd att lämna banken

1981 Grundar sin konsultfirma Intercontinental Assets Group Inc. (IAG)

1980-talet Verksamhet ”Asset recovery” (Indrivning av fordringar) för kunder som Ana Obregón och den saudiske vapenhandlaren Adnan Khashoggi

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The High Society That Surrounded Jeffrey Epstein – NY Mag 2019/07

Name found in Epstein’s black book.

Adnan Khashoggi: Saudi Arabian man of mystery.

To bolster their argument that private-jet owner Epstein is a massive flight risk, SDNY prosecutors produced an expired Austrian passport under an alias that listed Saudi Arabia as Epstein’s primary country of residence.
His lawyers claim the fake ID was for the “personal protection” of “an affluent member of the Jewish faith” traveling in the Middle East, but it could also point to one of his more secretive income sources.

According to his former friend the journalist Jesse Kornbluth, in the mid-1980s Epstein said he “worked for governments to recover money looted by African dictators” and occasionally subcontracted to those same autocrats to “help them hide their stolen money.”
A source who spoke with journalist Vicky Ward said one of Epstein’s clients was the late Saudi arms dealer Khashoggi, a middleman in the Iran-Contra scandal who helped smuggle cash for the Marcos family out of the Philippines.

In 1988, Khashoggi was arrested in Switzerland for concealing assets and later faced fraud and racketeering charges in the U.S. (He was later acquitted.)

That year, he sold his 282-foot yacht to the Sultan of Brunei, who soon flipped it to Donald Trump. —Matt Stieb