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Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM


Like the Afrikaans policemen in 'the CCB, the man officially identified as the murderer of Chris Hani, Janusz Walus, was also no professional hit man. Witnesses who identified a second man on the scene of the crime, a man with actual secret service and gun runners links, probably had something to say worth listening to. "But police came at night to scare the children, mess up my place and tell me that I should stay away from trying to testify", recounts a witness who saw the second murderer. "I gave up after that".

The Chris Hani murder docket shows to which extent the murder investigation was manipulated to result in the sole convictions of Walus and Derby-Lewis. Not only did the investigating officers ignore witnesses like the neighbour quoted above, they also refrained from interrogating Janusz Walus' employer, chemical trucker Peter Jackson. The Security Police (“who were in charge of the investigation, according to Brixton Murder & Robbery Squad's chief inspector Michael Holmes), cold Holmes' men not to bother exploring the man or his arms trade and secret service contacts. This, even though a list of these contacts (including an Armscor man called Colin Stier) is also neatly contained in the docket. "Jackson is cooperating fully and does not need to be questioned," the instruction to the police officers says. Another police instruction, on the authority of Security police Captain J.H. de Waal, states that "information about Peter Jackson will not be followed up".

Walus' diary, prominently listing several reminders to 'Phone Peter' in the run-up up the murder, has disappeared from the docket altogether, though a copy of it (missing the page of the week of the murder itself) is still there.

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