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Craig Williamson: he presented us a document with a list of companies available, and when I read it I said:

"ah, Longreach!"

I'd never ... before I read that document I'd never heard the word 'Longreach'. So, I mean and that, you know that was definitely in April.

This Operation Longreach story ... I mean, you know and do you know where to go to check that?

ÅKL Jan Danielsson: Now we speak of April 1986.

FHL Hans Ölvebro: Yes. I read something somewhere in our papers that there is a 'the need to know chain.' What's that?

Craig Williamson: The...?

FHL Hans Ölvebro: 'The need to know chain.'

Craig Williamson: Chain yes.

FHL Hans Ölvebro: What's that?

Craig Williamson: Need to know is the principle that intelligence organisations usually use in their operations, which is that anybody involved in the operation only needs ... must only know what he needs to know to do his job.

So if, to give you an example, if ... take this meeting: if I need to be brought to this meeting to meet you and this is ... the guy who fetches me doesn't need to know that I'm coming here to meet Swedish people.

He just needs to know that I must come here at this time. That's 'need to know.'

So each person in an operation is only told what he requires to carry out his particular function.

Hans Ölvebro: Okay. Mr Prosecutor...

ÅKL Jan Danielsson: Thank you. I will go back a little.

Craig Williamson: I think it was once. Basically the visit ... if, even if I went so many times, it was ... my visits to Sweden were always related to IUEF and to reporting basically to SIDA and to the foreign office on the projects that were being carried out.

So it was usually very specific and in 1975 ... if we were at home I have even a copy of my report that I wrote on my 1975 trip. I could give you more detail. And I will even make a copy if you wish. But every time it

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