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VB: Tips till Palmeutredningen.
Förhöret påbörjat
2018-11-05 12:26

Jonas Englund

DA 21183-04-E

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Hans Melander den 5 november 2018 12:26 Jonas Englund VB: Tips till Palmeutredningen Essay Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM.pdf;    PM Vet inte om du fått detta mail, men de

erkar vara noggrann med att allt diarieförs är det väl bäst att regga även detta.

/Hasse   Från: Skickat: den 24 augusti 2018 10:13 Til: krister.petersson@aklagare.se; Hans Melander Kopia: registrator@aklagare.se; rikskriminalpolisen@polisen.se Ämne: Tips till Palmeutredningen


Förundersökningsledaré Krister Petersson Spaningsledare Hans Melander Palmeutredningen

Tips :  med   ya och förhörd i Palmeutrera

hans närmste vän är för Palmemordet. Enlig

i mordet på Olof Palme.

Jag har gedigen kunskap och ett omfattande material, som PU inte har tillgång till. om alla dessa personer och är villig att dela med mig av det. Som exempel kan jag nämna att jag träffad amt att jag visste att PU försökt få kontak  genom mail som jag har tillgång till från en anonym källa. Ett annat exempel är den artikel

nig efter vårt möte )ch som beskriver tre mord i apartheids namn med ekonomiska motiv bakom, se bilaga. Jag har fört och for tontraranae För att ge er möjlighet att ställa frågor och för att spara tid vill jag överlämna mitt material i möte med er båda. lamnar jag en ups moravapnets placering och undrande upplysingar uili ponsci, viiket jag gjort i och med gårdagens möte med Hans Melander och detta mail.    Som bilaga hittar ni det PM som jag lämnade in till PU för sex år sedan. Sedan dess har jag fått tillgång It till en lång rad nya fakta och graverande omstầndigheter. Vid sidan av det har ett omfattande material omsom

jag inte har tillgång till.


Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf

Jag ser fram emot att erhålla protokoll från gårdagens förhör med Hans samt diarienummet för detta mail. För er planering av mötestid så vill jag informera er att jag är Återkom gärna med förslag

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Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf

Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM


WEDNESDAY 11/11/2015


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Undercover with Quack Doctors

Bori Mai


Essay | Chris Hani murder revisited Chronicle #11 / By Evelyn Groenink



Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf


Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM

Dulcie September and Anton Lubowski

Clive Derby-Lewis, co-conspirator in the murder of South African freedom struggle hero Chris Hani in 1993, was once again denied parole, for the third time, in January this year. Whilst Chris Hani's family and many old friends and comrades applaud the decision to 'let him rot', some ask how much Derby-Lewis actually knew about the murder. One of these voices is Evelyn Groenink, who investigated the Chris Hani murder case -and several others- for years. Her research, which unearthed arms trade links to both the Hani and September murders, was published only in the Netherlands, in a language largely foreign to the international community. The history of a story that could not be told.

https://www.zammagazine.com/chronicle/chronicle-1 !/202-essay-chns-han-murder-revisited


Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf

Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM

Chris Hani

ANC representative Dulcie September was killed in Paris in 1988, when talks about future arms contracts between France and the ANC were on the agenda; SWAPO- man Anton Lubowski, ditto, in front of his Windhoek home in 1989, shortly after befriending an arms- and diamonds dealer; and the ANC's beloved Chris Hani was murdered in 1993 (one year before the first democratic elections in South Africa), in the midst of massive bribe-offering by arms dealers to key people in the ANC military

In all three cases, I was told by people close to the victims that they had been 'obstacles. Dulcie September had been "fighting with important people." Lubowski "had not wanted to do what (certain businessmen] wanted." Hani "would not allow the corruption of the ANC's guerrilla army,MK“ In the late eighties and early nineties, when South Africa and neighbouring Namibia transitioned from apartheid rule to democracy and sanctions were lifted, dozens of international businessmen had flocked to the impending new ANC and SWAPO governments to buy

https://www.zammagazine com/chronicleſchronicle-11/202-essay-chris-hani-murder-revisited


Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf

Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM

up resources and sell arms.

In Namibia, Namibian, French, Italian, Israeli and American diamond buyers had entered the post-sanctions scene and arms dealers started approaching the ANC in South Africa as early as 1991.

September, Lubowski and Hani had objected to, respectively, a nuclear military technology exchange; a set of oil-, diamonds- and casino rights deals; and the now notorious South African arms deal. I wrote about these things, in Mail & Guardian and elsewhere.

Official police investigations identified all three murders as motivated by apartheid hate and perpetrated by death squads or (in the case of Hani) right-wing extremists. This official narrative is still dominant in South Africa: puzzlingly so, considering that, in two of the three cases, high ranking ANC- and SWAPO officials have suggested that the truth should indeed be sought on the terrain of chady contracts. Former ANC deputy minister of foreign affairs, Aziz Pahad, is on record confirming that "Dulcie (September) stumbled on nuclear issues". SWAPO's Haage Geingob told a journalist that Anton Lubowski, on the day of his murder, was sorting out highly sensitive 'financial matters.

In the case of Chris Hani, former comrades explained to me how he was an obstacle to the USD$ 60 million arms deal that was being negotiated with others in the ANC leadership at the time. From the police docket in the case, I found that a crucial part in the Hani murder was played by Peter Jackson, a chemicals transporter with arms trade connections, who was the employer of Hani's convicted murderer Janusz Walus, and who seemed to have been telling Walus what to do. The police had been kept from investigating Peter Jackson by a written instruction from the Security Police that read: "Inligting oer Peter Jackson sal nie opgevolg word nie".



Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf

Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM All this, I published. But only in Dutch, never in English: the South African publication was prevented through legal and physical threats to the publisher. In a lecture for the University of the Witwatersrand, Jacana publisher Maggie Davey questioned the reasons why she was unable to publish. "These questions are [...] about how truth can be covered up and how the interests of a few powerfUL constituencies can shift and shape our understanding of history".

I published several stories

I published several stories about the arms deal - and mafia links to the Dulcie September and Anton Lubowski murders in the South African Mail & Guardian. The full story of all three murders and their 'dodgy deals' background was told in my book 'Dulcie, a woman who had to keep her mouth shut' published in 2001, in Dutch, in the Netherlands - the same book that Jacana's Maggie Davey had wanted to publish in South Africa. (An unpublished translation of the book was made available in South Africa to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the South African 'FBI', the Scorpions.) The Anton Lubowski story was captured in a South African investigative journalism training manual; the Dulcie September investigation was published in the Rhodes Review (of Rhodes University in Grahamstown, also South Africa) and the story about the arms trade links in the Chris Hani case was published in ZAM Magazine in the Netherlands in 2005. But, strangely, every time the stories are published, or discussed, they fall into a big silence. The pattern is usually the same. I publish, there are some responses (like a police force pledging to reopen the case), one interview with a newspaper or radio station, then - nothing. After a while, every single darn time, the official narrative is back. In 2010, eleven years after I first published the first September

and Lubowski stories in Mail & Guardian, https://www.zammagazine.com/chronicle/chronicle-11/202-essay-chris-hani-murder-revisited


Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf

Essay I Chris Hani murder revisited - ZAM the Dulcie September memorial lectures at the University of the Western Cape reverted neatly back to the 'extremist death squad' story.

In 2011, the repeated admission by former foreign minister Aziz Pahad that September was killed over 'nuclear issues' (first made to me in 1995 and now rerecorded by a French investigative documentary maker) made it again to Mail & Guardian. Nevertheless, the Cape Times in 2012 again only spoke of 'apartheid death squads' as the culprits. The story 'The Lubowski files', published prominently by Mail & Guardian in 1999, cannot even be found on their website anymore.

'The world is a dangerous place, you know

In the case of the Chris Hani investigation, South African publisher Jacana was made to fear bankruptcy by arms dealers' lawyers, some of whom threatened expensive pre-publication litigation. Military vehicles dealer Witold Walus, brother to Janusz Walus, sued for real.

Violence was threatened by NIA operative Michael Buchanan, who said he would 'klap' me, and 'beat up' the publisher. Interestingly, Buchanan also said he would bring Gerrie Nel and the Scorpions', with whom he said he had a good relationship. (If so, it might explain why Gerrie Nel, in spite of a promise to take up the Hani case again, never did.)

Then there was former foreign minister Pik Botha, who was so upset about the claims by some sources that he had been party to arms deals, that he kept phoning Jacana for hours at the time, explaining how only a ‘sick, perverse and criminal mind' could think such things. During one of these phone calls he also cold Jacana's Maggie Davey sternly that 'the world is a



Pol-2018-11-05 DA21183-04-E mail-Stocklassa.pdf